The Melgaço Training Centre is a space which was idealized and building to offer a high quality service, with adjacent equipments which has sports in view.

This complex develops sport, leisure and tourism in the region and it’s one of the most modern, better equipped and more complete sports complex.

It is divided in two main areas. The first is the leisure area, with a lot of equipments that allow the practise of sport and others destined to playful and cultural activities. The second area was made for high competition sports. It has infrastructures with diverse modalities, for competition and training. In this area is located the Training Centre, with its own equipments, exclusively available for clubs in trainee. It contains football stadium, athletics track, practise fields, bathhouse, health club, gym, massage and others.

These equipments are sealed to exterior, but all connected, offering the necessary conditions to a better trainee, safely, tranquillity and privacy.