Museological centre of the Keep Tower

The Museological centre of the Keep Tower (“Torre de Menagem”) is located in the historical center and it was created to value the tower as well as to raise awareness of the architectonical, historical and cultural heritage of Melgaço. Its exposition is focused on architectural and archaeological heritage, since Prehistory to Contemporary Age.

In the interior of the "Torre de Menagem", you can observe a medieval ditch, the remains of part of a castle shield and various pavements. All these elements reinforced the defensive system of the "Torre de Menagem".

It is located 3,3 km away from the Camping Park. By car 7 minutes.


Memory and Frontier Space (Memória e Fronteira)

Dedicated to the preservation of the Melgaço’s recent history, related to emigration and smuggling, a very important practise for the economical development of the region. It has a room dedicated to smuggling and a ramp, where are portrayed the diverse moments related to emigration and its effects in the region.

The museum will provide information, the investigation and divulging studies, and whose main goal is to have investigators - whose works focus on themes related to contraband and emigration-involved.

It is located 3,5 km away from the Camping Park. By car 7 minutes.


Cinema Museum – Jean Loup Passek

The Cinema Museum – Jean Loup Passek, founded in 2005, is placed in the historical center of the town.

The Museum, which base is Jean Loup Passek life collection, who donated it to the county. It has two expositions (one is temporary and the other permanent), distributed by the two sides of the building.

From machines, devices and objects from pre-cinema times, to original posters in canvas, and photographs, diverse documents can be seen in the museum of cinema.

An exhibition illustrates the path that cinema has taken throughout it's history.

It is located 3,6 km away from the Camping Park. By car 7 minutes.


Museological centre of Castro Laboreiro

Dedicated to history and tradition of the region Castro Laboreiro, the biggest and more antique of Melgaço, this center promotes aspects related to local landscape and livingness, specially the “Brandas”, “Inverneiras” and the High Plateau (“Planalto”). In a house from the Castro period is described the environment of a local house from the second half of the XX century.

It is a vision of what was the evolution of human occupation in borough.

It is located 25,8 km from the Camping Park. By car 27 minutes.

Porta de Lamas de Mouro

“Porta de Lamas e Mouro” is a reception, interpretation, animation and environmental education structure, resulting from the collaboration between Melgaço county and the National Park Peneda-Gerês (PNPG).

“Porta de Lamas de Mouro” provides its users infrastructures, equipments and resources that allow better information for tourists and visitors, promoting natural, cultural and architectural heritage of the vast evolving space.

It is located 18,8 km from the Camping Park. By car 23 minutes.