Camping Melgaço is located in Melgaço's Thermal Park, a space earmarked to connect, not only with nature, but with the Thermal Spa as well.

The Melgaço Spa is well known for the first popularized waters. Over the years, these waters have been known for their curative powers. The entire experience is a real haven for the senses. Here you can enjoy a spa, swimming pool and leisure areas which will provide you with moments of total relaxation.

The campground of Melgaço Spa is part of the Melgaço Radical CRL, a cooperative with extensive experience in the field of sports activities of nature and adventure, holding Rafting as its primary to-do sport for tourism. The Minho River, with its high flow, is the only river in the Iberian Peninsula that allows the practice of rafting throughout the year. Accordingly, the Melgaço municipality holds the title of: "Melgaço Iberian Capital of Rafting".

The Melgaço Radical conducts outdoor activities for schools, institutions, businesses and individuals, with appropriate programs for all ages, interests and goals for each group, and is consistent with the guarantee of service with friendliness, fun and professionalism. Rafting, canoeing, canyoning, hydrospeed, hiking, pendulum jump, rappel, slide, orientation, archery, hiking TT, paintball and horseback riding are just some of the activities available along the valley of the Minho river or in the National Park mountains, Peneda-Gerês.

Melgaço is the county located in the north of Portugal. Its territory is divided into two charming areas, the river and the mountain, forming a harmonious landscape just waiting to be discovered. Historically and culturally rich, it has had human settlement since the prehistoric times.

The quality of natural resources offers visitors an intimate interaction with nature. Porta de Lamas de Mouro is the entry way to the country's only National Park, The National Park of Peneda-Gerês, where, in addition to the stunning scenery, you'll find a unique biodiversity and a set of organized activities targeted for ecotourism. Nearby Lamas de Mouro, you find Castro Laboreiro, witch is the most wanted place for those who love canoeing, for it's exceptionals natural conditions that provid full adrenaline and ecstasy.

The Land of Alvarinho wine, it's where this variety acquires the characteristics and attributes that produces the best Alvarinho in the world: balanced, exceptional, and unique. A must for culinary enthusiasts, with simple traditional cuisine, but of great quality.

In Melgaço, the natural landscape is engaging, the countryside invites moments of rest, relaxation and leisure.

Come meet Melgaço. The campground of Melgaço Spa's doors are open to receive you!

Melgaço, a discovery of its own.