Internal Rules - BUNGALOWS
Regulation Bungalows

The Bungalows are a type of complementary accommodation of campsites that requires a special regulation, particularly regarding the processing of reservations, their occupation and use.

Thus, users of Bungalows, in addition to the Camping Regulation, shall be subject to this Regulation.
It is forbidden the entry of animals in Bungalows. For more information contact us before making a booking.

1. Reservations

Reservations can be made in person, by phone or email.

2. Occupation and use

Entrance to the Bungalow (check in) is made from from 14:00pm till 19: 00pm and the output of the Bungalow (check out) is up to 12.00am.

The maximum capacity of the two Bungalows  "T0" is up to 3 people and in the other two Bungalows "T1" type is up to 4 persons.

The customer is responsible for cleanliness and good state of conservation furniture, dishes, clothes, appliances and other equipment as well as the building which it has.

The list of furniture, appliances and other objects existing in each Bungalow is affixed inside the same.

For extended stays, bed clothes and towaes are changed  every four days.

During the stay, cleaning is the responsability of the customer.

Except in cases previously announced, the occupation has to be done until the morning of the second day, not giving the reserve any right on the third day.

Smoking is not allowed inside the bungalows.

Verifying the presence of animals such as dog or cat out of the exceptions provided by law, the price of the stay is increased by € 100.00 and the customer is obliged to immediately leave the accommodation unit.

3. Prices

Prices are those in the price list.

There is an extra fee from the third person in Bungalows of 7,50€ in case of the delivering of extra sheets for the sofa-bed and extra towels for more then 2 guests.

It's free parking a car for Bungalow T0 and T1.

4. Central Heating

The bungalows are heated by a heating system focuses, which can be used by the users freely and in a responsible way for the proper functioning of the heating system, between the months of October to March / temperatures below 12ºC.

Within a policy of good environmental practices, the central heating will be switched off when doors or windows are open for longer than 5 minutes, or the fireplace is working (the operation of the fire, only in T1 Bungalow, involves opening the windows).

5. Fireplace (available only in T1)

The operation of using the fireplace is incompatible with the functioning of the central heating, it is necessary to have a half-open window for air intake (oxygen) to better combustion of wood.

Open doors or windows means wasting energy, so the customer will have to choose between one of two heating systems Bungalow.

Fireplace in the firing moment the kitchen exhaust fan must be shut down to prevent aspiration of fire fumes.

While the using of the fireplace  is recommended to keep the nearest window open  to allow air exchange.

It is forbidden to grill or cook in the fireplace.

Firewood* is provided at the supermarket. Users shoul make their request at the reception and it will be provided by Vigilante by the fixed price.

*limited to the existing stock